‘These urgent ideas are conveyed through poems that are subtle, clever, and allergic to didacticism or easy sentiment. Often the poems seem to work through juxtaposition, bringing together unexpected elements and spinning meaning from their collision.’

Sarah Holland Batt

‘Sarah Day’s poems… enable me, the reader, to recapture the lost intensity of my own perceptions. And the words are chosen to detonate differently each time I come to rest on them.’

Robert Dessaix

‘This is the poetry of vivacity: language leaping off the page.’

Chris Wallace-Crabbe

‘Whatever Sarah Day does, she brings words to a pitch and invites one to join a horde of readings.’


‘Day’s work is large in its grasp of human complexity, and understatedly brilliant in its range of feeling. It is urgent and moving without the need for flamboyance.’

Judges, Queensland Premier’s Award